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BIA Mission & Services

BIA's Mission
The mission statement of the Association shall be "to promote and safeguard the clay brick industry".

An Introduction to the Brick Industry Association
The Brick Industry Association (BIA) is the national trade association representing distributors and manufacturers of clay brick and suppliers of related products and services. Since its founding in 1934, the association has been the nationally recognized authority on clay brick construction and represents the industry in all model building code forums and national standards committees. BIA is involved in a broad range of activities that appeal to architects, builders, community officials, and consumers, including Technical Notes on Brick Construction, Brick in Architecture, Brick In Home Building, Builder Notes, national awards competitions, educational seminars, and numerous other programs. BIA also advocates the industry at the federal, state, and local level with its environmental, health, and safety work as well as educational programs for local municipal and planning officials.

Along with the national headquarters, BIA is comprised of regional associations that manage programs in the Heartland, Midwest/Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.  Our varied efforts focus around many of these primary programs:

  • Brick in Architecture Awards
    Every year the brick industry conducts a national competition to select and showcase the best examples of the use of brick in architecture. The competition is done in conjunction with the editors of Architect magazine who convene a panel of architects for the judging. The winners are featured in an issue of Brick in Architecture and in the Brick Gallery on BIA's website.
  • Brick in Architecture Publications
    This full-color publication is the flagship publication of BIA and is used to promote the use of clay brick by architects and designers. More than 60,000 copies are distributed in Architect magazine.
  • Communications
    The Membership Directory is available for anyone to easily find clay brick products, while BIA's web site which also offers extensive information on the industry, the association, its members, and its publications.
  • Engineering Services
    BIA provides technical support services to members and users of brick. More than 5,000 requests for such assistance are handled annually.
  • Environmental Health and Safety Activities
    BIA monitors EPA and OSHA regulations, among others, and assists members with regulatory compliance and enforcement.
  • Government Relations Activities
    BIA represents the legislative and regulatory interests of the membership on Capitol Hill, at the White House, with Executive Branch departments, and federal agencies.
  • National Building Codes and Standards
    BIA represents the industry in all model building code forums and on national standards committees, protecting member interests, and transferring technological developments in masonry into codes and standards.
  • National Liaison Activities
    BIA works on behalf of members to foster a strong relationship with architectural, engineering, builder, construction, and other masonry trade groups. These cooperative efforts increase brick utilization and result in lower program development costs.
  • Research Activities
    BIA, in conjunction with masonry groups and universities, investigates brick and brickwork properties for use in advancing brick masonry technology and expanding markets.
  • Paving and Hardscapes
    BIA actively promotes the use of genuine clay brick pavers, with marketing in professional journals such Landscape Architecture and in trade publications such as Custom Home magazine.
  • Technical Literature
    BIA's Technical Notes on Brick Construction, E&R Digests, computer programs, and an extensive array of design and construction guides are developed to assist designers and promote the use of brick masonry. The Technical Notes are the most popular pages on BIA's website, with more than 80,000 visits each month to deliver design, detailing, and construction information developments in brick masonry.