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Cost Comparison

Residential Cost Comparison

New Study Debunks Actual Cost of Brick Homes - Press Release

Non-Residential Cost Comparison

The BIA-SE Region has an excellent resource on their website related to the comparative cost of wall brick and other materials entitled Cost Comparisons for Common Commercial Wall Systems.

Costs per square foot were developed for each wall system by identifying all material, labor, equipment, and 10% mark up for general conditions required to represent a complete cost. The items were priced by conducting an intense survey of contractors in each of the regions for the material and labor costs involved in each wall system.

Work on the project was performed independently by E.J. Brown, Inc., a recognized authority on estimating in the Southeast.

The costs developed are initial construction costs only and do not include maintenance or operating costs associated with the different wall systems. Although the actual costs may vary with location, time, and contractors, the comparative relationships between wall systems and geographic regions should remain approximately the same.

For more detailed information about this study, call 800-622-7425.